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Doctor Leader Coaching & Consulting is dedicated to helping doctoral-level professionals working in a business setting become more effective managers and leaders.

The training and experiences that doctoral-level experts achieve in their functional domain do not prepare them to be successful in a corporate environment.  The transition from working in an academic, medical, engineering or scientific setting to working in a business setting can be difficult and frustrating.  Doctor Leader Coaching & Consulting helps doctoral-level experts succeed as business managers and leaders more effectively and smoothly.

Some of the skills that Doctor Leader develops in functional experts include political savviness, interpersonal awareness, team leadership, and strategic and business thinking.  Doctor Leader offers one-on-one executive coaching, group facilitation, training, offsite planning and facilitation, management consulting, conflict resolution services, organizational effectiveness consulting, and an interactive forum for fellow experts to discuss and address issues of relevance to their working in a business environment.

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